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Group Lessons at Teton Pines

Swim Team at Teton Pines

Children of all abilities can participate in our swim team. We offer a fun yet challenging atmosphere.
We have a competitive group and novice group for each level. We believe all children, no matter their abilities,
should have the opportunity to participate on a swim team.

Advanced Team
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
8:00am - 9:00am
Swimmers must know the four competitive strokes. Stroke refinement, endurance, and conditioning will be the focus.

Intermediate Team
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9:00am - 10:00am
Swimmers must be self-reliant and independent in deep water. The focus will be learning the four competitive strokes.

Beginner Team
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
Independence and being able to swim multiple lengths of the pool will be the goal for this group. We will also introduce the four competitive strokes.

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Important Information for Swim Team:
(Click here to download as a pdf)

Swim Team Event Calendar


First day of swim team


Swim meet #1 at Teton Pines 8am to 11am
8/9/19 Swim meet #2 at Teton Springs 8am to 11am
8/22/19 Last day of swim team for the summer

Requirements For All Swim Team Participants & Parents

  • Drop in rate: $20
    Cost: Summer session is $400 per child FOR TETON PINES MEMBERS and $425 FOR NON-MEMBERS (30 1-hour practices).

  • All swim team members must have goggles, swim cap & a team suit. Please purchase these items from Chrissy at Jackson Hole Swimming, as they have been pre-ordered for your children at cost.

  • If your child has long hair (girls AND boys!) it needs to be tied back or in a swim cap so that it does not interfere with learning (please clip back bangs as well).

  • Weather cancellations happen. When weather is questionable, please call 307.413.1491. The voicemail will specify if swim team or lessons will be canceled.

  • If you are late to practice it is your responsibility to bring your child directly to his or her instructor.

  • Swim meets usually last around three hours. Your child will be entered in events throughout that time period, therefore it is important to plan on participating for the duration of the swim meet.
  • For swim meets please bring: extra towels, warm clothes, goggles, swim cap, team suit, snacks and water.

  • Parent participation is required at all swim meets. Without your participation swim meets would not be possible. We need parents to be timers and write ribbons.

  • We have a fundraiser bake sale to raise money for the end of season party and the cost of ribbons. All families are required to bring one baked good item to the meets.

  • Teton Pines has graciously allowed the community to take part in their swim program. If you are interested in enjoying their pool after swim team, you may contact Amy Bickley, Director of Membership, at 307.733.1005, or visit their website at www.tetonpines.com.