Group Lessons

June 13 - August 19, 2022

In group lessons your child’s progress is constantly monitored. We mindfully place them in groups that match their abilities. We are sensitive to the fact that children progress at different rates and are open to placing them in more appropriate groups if need be. We feel small groups are vital for optimal learning; therefore we limit our class sizes.

Lesson Frequency

2 Days Per Week

Two day per week lessons are offered on Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday at Teton Sports Club. We strongly recommend signing up for 2 days per week because it helps with creating consistency and a better learning environment for your child.

1 Day Per Week

If you would like to do lessons, but can only commit to one day per week, Mondays are the encouraged day for this, but we will have limited availability on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

All group lessons are 30 minute sessions at Teton Sports Club. Please call or email Chrissy Stretton to schedule.

Stroke Development Group

This class will focus on the four competitive strokes and work on drills that enhance efficiency and technique. Children must be able to swim many lengths of the pool to participate in this class.

TimeDaysAgeMax. #
8:00-8:30amMonday6-10 years old5 Children
8:00-8:30amTuesday & Thursday6-10 years old5 Children
8:00-8:30amWednesday & Friday6-10 years old5 Children

Advanced Group

This class will focus on learning how to swim multiple lengths of crawl stroke backstroke and elementary backstroke. Children must know how to swim in deep water independently to participate in this class.

TimeDaysAgeMax. #
8:30-9:00amMonday5-7 years old5 Children
8:30-9:00amTuesday & Thursday5-7 years old5 Children
8:30-9:00amWednesday & Friday5-7 years old5 Children

Intermediate Group

This class will focus on becoming independent in deep water situations and being able to swim one length of the pool using crawl stroke. Children must be comfortable going under water by themselves to participate this class.

TimeDaysAgeMax. #
9:00-9:30amMonday4-6 years old4 Children
9:00-9:30amTuesday & Thursday4-6 years old4 Children
9:00-9:30amWednesday & Friday4-6 years old4 Children

Beginner Group

This class will focus on teaching children that their body's are naturally buoyant in shallow and deep water, how to go underwater and retrieve a diving toy by themselves and the "kick float kick" method for safety in deep water situations.

TimeDaysAgeMax. #
9:30-10:00amMonday4-6 years old4 Children
9:30-10:00amTuesday & Thursday4-6 years old4 Children
9:30-10:00amWednesday & Friday4-6 years old4 Children

Introduction Group

This class will focus on going under water, tummy/ back floats, blowing bubbles and gaining confidence in water situations. This class is for children who are ready to learn how to be in a class setting without a parent.

TimeDaysAgeMax. #
10:00-10:30amMonday3-4 years old3 Children
10:00-10:30amTuesday & Thursday3-4 years old3 Children
10:00-10:30amWednesday & Friday3-4 years old3 Children

Parent & Toddler Group

This class will focus on under water submersion, assisted back floats, water acclimation and having fun in the water. This class is for young swimmers and their parents together.

TimeDaysAgeMax. #
10:30-11:00amMonday0-3 years old5 Children
10:30-11:00amTuesday & Thursday0-3 years old5 Children
10:30-11:00amWednesday & Friday0-3 years old5 Children