Swim Team

June 14 - August 16, 2021

Children of all abilities can participate in our swim team that offers a fun yet challenging atmosphere. We have a competitive group and novice group for each level. We believe all children, no matter their abilities, should have the opportunity to participate on a swim team.

Swim Team will take place at Teton Sports Club. We offer 3 separate groups for swim team, depending on your child's swimming level. See below for the descriptions of each. Please call or email Chrissy Stretton to schedule.


Swimmers must know the four competitive strokes. Stroke refinement, endurance, and conditioning will be the focus.

8:00-9:00amMonday9-16 years old

Intermediate/Stroke Refinement

Swimmers must be self-reliant and independent in deep water. The focus will be learning the four competitive strokes.

9:00-10:00amMonday7-11 years old


Independence and being able to swim multiple lengths of the pool will be the goal for this group. We will also introduce the four competitive strokes.

10:00-11:00amMonday6-10 years old